Server & Device Monitoring

Providing services under stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to monitor and manage mission-critical Servers for businesses of any size is a common challenge you will most likely face while providing technology services.

With competition growing by the day, you need to avoid having a reactive style of providing services and provide a service style that is more proactive and preventive maintenance oriented.

You can no longer wait for the client to call you to inform that their Server is down or their e-mail application is running slow. 24×7 server monitoring and remediation services with up to 30 minutes response time are getting popular among small and medium businesses (SMBs).

Server Monitoring & Alerting Process

  • Agent provisions Server; applies template policies
  • Agent reports error codes to the Sentinel Server Monitoring Platform
  • Agent reports error codes and unavailability to the Sentinel Server Monitoring Platform
  • Unknown errors added to Sentinel Server Monitoring Platform Knowledge Base
  • Resolution based on product option selection


  • Server and network device availability monitored by the ITS Portal.
  • Sentinel’s default monitoring policies applied automatically creating monitors for services, process, ports, and performance parameters.
  • Sentinel’s default server monitoring policies can be customized once applied.
  • Windows Server & POSIX device hardware monitoring
  • Advanced Exchange queue monitoring through email transactions.
  • Intelligent alerting provides not only what went wrong, but also recommendations on how to remediate the alert.
  • Provide sensitive system and network information through the Secured Information Store.
  • Passwords can be statically stored or dynamically changed if stored in Sentinel’s Password Vault.