• PC Inventory / Computer Audit – Complete computer inventory and software inventory. Scheduled LAN audits. Fully automated and always up-to-date.
  • PC Remote Control / Remote Support – Access computers remotely from anywhere. Secure and configurable. Access PCs behind firewalls and NAT without port mapping or infrastructure changes.
  • Patch Management – Fully automated security patch scan, patch deployment and history with the click of a mouse. Scalable, secure, configurable and location independent.
  • Network Monitoring of Alerts – Instant notification for hardware changes, software changes, policy violations, low disk space, unapproved network access, new devices on the LAN, etc.
  • Windows Event Monitoring of Alerts – Remotely monitor Windows system event-log, application event-log and security event-log with user-defined alerts.
  • Software Installation or Updating – Complete software installations and software updates across the organization with a mouse click. Easier and more flexible than SMS and other solutions.
  • Network Policy Enforcement – Monitor network usage by machine and by application. Define policies and limit network access to corporate-approved applications (only).
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery – Real-time automated disk backup, disk imaging, file level backup and rapid restores for Windows servers and workstations. Replication ensures backups are automatically stored safely in an off-site location.
  • Powerful Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware Detection – Incorporating reactive antivirus and spyware detection with the latest proactive technologies, we ensure not only anti-virus protection but also protection from unknown threats.
  • User State Management – Enables the definition and deployment of group profiles. Remotely deploy user customizations and the machine “personalities” during operating systems, hardware or application upgrades.
  • Integrated Reports – Comprehensive integrated management and operational reports.. Always available. View online or export to HTML, Word or Excel.
  • Maximum Security – Encrypted communication using 256-bit RC4 with rolling keys. No open ports. No plain-text data packets on the network. Nothing for attackers to exploit.
  • Flexible Administration – One integrated Web-based interface. Accessible from anywhere. Flexible setup of administrators and users, computer groups, integrated permissions and policies.